The ‘Stop Modi’ campaign: Its many avatars and how it only made NaMo stronger


The Campaign to Stop Narendra Modi An outstanding feature of the Campaign for the Lok Sabha elections has been the “Stop Modi” campaign which started way back in 2013 and assumed multiple avatars as the campaign progressed into 2014. A look back at the multiple avatars of the “Stop Modi” […]

Narendra Modi’s Campaign Stopped – Varanasi to rise in protest


Narendra Modi’s Campaign Events scheduled for the 8th of May 2014 in Varanasi will not be happening due to refusal of permission by a biased Returning Officer and an intransigent Election Commission. Make your protest heard on the Open Forum. Circulate widely, let India know how EC has colluded with […]

Narendra Modi in West Bengal and UP – Bharat Vijay Rallies Day 40


Narendra Modi will be in West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh this Sunday to address Bharat Vijay Rallies Narendra Modi’s Rally#165 in Bankura and Rally#166 in Asansol Join the Rally - Before the campaigning comes to an end, Mission272+ Volunteers can make their contributions towards NaMo’s speeches by giving their inputs on the West […]