Narendra Modi’s Lucknow speech – Video and Rough Transcript

Narendra Modi in Lucknow today addressed the Vijay Shankhnad Maha Rally along with BJP’s National President Rajnath Singh at a mammoth gathering in Lucknow’s Ramabai Ambedkar ground.

आँधियों की जिद है जहाँ बिजलियाँ गिराने की ,
हमारी भी जिद है वहीं आशियाँ बनाने की ।‏


The event also saw former BJP stalwart Kalyan Singh formally return to the BJP after resigning from the Lok Sabha.

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It was a much anticipated event with political tremors leading up to it in Uttar Pradesh Politics touching every segment of society from the Dalit community to the Muslim community.

With new entrants to the BJP Udit Raj, General V.K. Singh and a galaxy of BJP Leaders in attendance, Narendra Modi’s Lucknow rally shattered many records while shaking up the political landscape ahead of the soon to be announced 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

Narendra Modi began his speech welcoming the galaxy of BJP leaders on the stage and the mammoth crowd present in the ground, describing them as his brothers and sisters. Narendra Modi recalled the hailstorm in many parts of Uttar Pradesh while expressing concern on the damage to farms and losses to farmers. He appealed to the BJP workers to reach out to the affected farmers, understand their problems and to fight for their rights with the local government while extending maximum help. Narendra Modi also made a special mention to the students in Uttar Pradesh who were due to begin their final examinations at high school and secondary school level while wishing the very best to do well in their exams.


Uttar Pradesh has had seven rallies with each one beating the other. Today Lucknow has a different look. It is a saffron ocean – keasariya samandar

The election heat is yet to sizzle but despite that to see this ocean of support, ocean of enthusiasm it is clear to me there is a BJP tornado in the air

Today this is a tornado, with the election getting announced this will turn into a Tsunami

The destruction of SaBaKa is imminent – Samajwadi, Bahujan and Ka for Congress

Today I am in Lucknow when I come to Lucknow I am reminded of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, their Leadership. I have learned a lot from him.

You Lucknow residents are very Lucky. You had made Atalji one of your own, You had won over him.

It is no ordinary achievement I am today in such a city which has an identity for many centuries both – adab and tehzeeb of Lucknow

Since the last few years you have had such kind of governments that have camped here, the current govt and the one before it, their conduct has been such, that Lucknow which was known for adab and tehzeeb is now known for tah-bazariya

I am appealing to you that your legacy of many centuries that nobody should be given the opportunity to destroy it. Those in government in Lucknow are set to destroy your heritage of centuries. There is only politicking here there is no culture. There is no rythm of tabla only goonda gardi. 

Gomti looks like it has become a “gandi naali”

What has happened to Uttar Pradesh ?

Vajpayeeji used to say that the road to Delhi travels through Lucknow 

The pride with which Atal Bihari Vajpayee used to talk of Lucknow it carried weight it had profoundity

Our dream of a prosperous India will be realized only when Uttar Pradesh is propserous 

Our aspiration should be if we want to change the destiny of India then the beginning should be made in Uttar Pradesh

If Uttar Pradesh becomes strong and prosperous then it won’t be long before India becomes strong and prosperous

Narendra Modi took a potshot at Mulayam Singh Yadav over his rally earlier today where he felt Mulayam Singh had already accepted defeat.


He can neither compete on the size of the rally nor can he compete on the politics of development

I am happy that even Netaji has been forced to abandon his rhetoric of vote banks and has been forced to talk of development. This is his second defeat today.

Netaji you criticize Gujarat but it would have been better if you had given an account of what you have done for Uttar Pradesh.

I would like to ask you – Do you get electricity ? In your villages ? In your farms ? In your cities ? In your homes ?

Netaji please visit Gujarat – in Gujarat 24×7 365 days every village gets Electricity

Netaji you have ensured Reservation even in Electricity you discriminate between people in your constituency and others 

You have conducted more than 150 communal riots in one year in Uttar Pradesh. In Gujarat in 10 years there have been no riots – yet you think you can compete with us ?

We hang our heads our shame due to the criminal conduct of your Party’s Leaders Netaji !

You have failed to ensure Security and Safety in Women – in Uttar Pradesh alone there have been more than 30,000 incidents of violence against women ?

How can you think of competing with us on development – what have you done in Kanpur ? Your police has beaten up students ?

This nation will not accept your politics of goonda-gardi and you have the temerity to ask us of accountability ?

Samajwadi Party has also two more definitions  - one is a Samajvirodhi Party the other is Dukhwadi Party 

Netaji your politics may have currency but please spare Ram Manohar Lohia ji don’t insult his legacy and memory.

Netaji – power is not everything. People’s interests and dreams rank above your lust for power. 

Even 40% of families don’t get electricity in Uttar Pradesh. In Gujarat 99% of families get power.

You debunk the Gujarat Model but you asked for Amul from Gujarat. 

You make promises but you have proven to be incapable of traveling down the road of Progress

Narendra Modi reminded the people of the inherent economic strength of Uttar Pradesh from Benaras Silks to Kanpur’s Leather. Enumerating every city for its small and medium businesses Narendra Modi castigated UP’s regional parties for having failed to take these industries global to grow the economy and create jobs. Citing the example of the Kite Industry in Gujarat, Narendra Modi told the people of Uttar Pradesh how development can be achieved by exploiting the inherent skills of the local communities.

Turning his attention to the Government in Delhi and Ministers from Uttar Pradesh Narendra Modi singled out Salman Khurshid for serious allegations against his NGO for money laundering of funds meant for the disabled.

With his trademark voice modulation Narendra Modi castigated UPA Ministers for trivializing the allegations against Khurshid’s NGO over misuse of funds.  Azam Khan was at the receieving end of Narendra Modi’s fiery speech as he mocked at him for the manner in which UP Police was sent about to search for his buaffloes.

Secularism became the target of Narendra Modi’s speech as he reminded the audience of how the bogey of Secularism is raised to deflect attention away both from the failures of the other parties and from issues critical to the welfare of Minorities.

Narendra Modi recounted his now common mantra of India First to set the record straight on the distorted and perverted form of Secularism in practice today.


Turning to the theme of Hope Narendra Modi had this to say

“Aandhiyon ki zidd hai jahaan bijli giraane ki, mujhe mein bhi zidd hai wahin aashiyaan banana ki”


Today the Nation’s Political Leaders are all steeped in hopelessness and despair.

I believe in hope, I represent a Party that believes in Hope

Look at this Party in choosing me from a Backward Family from someone who used to sell Chaai

The coming decade belongs to you all – Dalits, Backwards, Oppressed …..

The coming decade is when we will bring change to all of you

When hopes become strong circumstances change into Opportunities

I want to assure the people of Uttar Pradesh I will sit in Delhi like a Chowkidaar

I will ensure no greedy hand lays its claim on the Nation’s Treasury

Narendra Modi rounded up his speech with a Poem written by a supporter that expressed his feelings on the Campaign Trail – Main Desh nahi Mitne Doonga !