Narendra Modi in Jaipur issues clarion call to Rajasthan to bring back Vasundhara Raje

Narendra Modi speaking today at a mammoth BJP rally in Jaipur to mark the conclusion of the Suraj Sankalp Yatra of Vasundhara Raje issued a clarion call to the voters of Rajasthan to bring her back to Power.

Mr. Modi started his speech hailing Vasundhara Raje for her state wide Yatra while calling her his sister.  The mood of the crowd was aptly summed up by a reporter of the ETV Rajasthan likening to the chants of “Modi, Modi”  by the crowd at Amrudo ki Bagh in Jaipur with crowds chanting “sachin sachin” during a One Day International Cricket Match.

Mr. Modi likened the mood of the crowd to a Tornado of Change that will hit Rajasthan soon.

Praising her Yatra that went to every Tehsil of Rajasthan, Mr. Modi expressed admiration at her grit, determination and endurance in going through with the grueling yatra.

The highlights of his speech were his punches at the Congress leadership on the “Power is Poison” comment in made in Jaipur many months back and on the most recent comments by the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh on his being “happy to work under Rahul Gandhi”. Posing a poignant question to the Prime Minister on why the nation never got to know of his efforts at the G-20 Mr. Modi attributed it to the servile attitude of the Prime Minister that put the Nehru-Gandhi family’s interests above National Interest.

The punchline of the speech of course was the new Alphabet series where ABCD stood for the UPA’s various scams with the alphabet “D” standing for – Damaad ka karobar, as Narendra Modi took a veiled dig at Sonia Gandhi for shielding her son-in-law Robert Vadra. Mr. Modi’s comments came after Ms. Vasundhara Raje had in her speech blasted Ashok Gehlot for the land largess to Robert Vadra in Rajasthan.

Taking off on the declining Rupee and the declining fortunes of the UPA, Mr. Modi sought to make a personal connect with Marwari community of Rajasthan on the impact of the economic crisis on their businesses. Linking the sorry state of the economy to the neglect of  Infrastucture by the UPA, Mr. Modi highlighted how the UPA appointed Governor of Rajasthan Margaret Alva herself was critical of the sorry state of Delhi-Jaipur Highway.

Returning to what has now become a consistent theme in his speeches Narendra Modi called upon the Youth of Rajasthan who could make up almost 40% of Voters (alluding to the recent 2011 Census data on age wise census by state), to get registered to vote and to get engaged in the Campaign. Exhorting the Youth as the new age power (a theme he first raised during his SRCC speech in Delhi back in February), Narendra Modi reminded the Youth why getting registered at the age of 18 was important he made a novel proposition to celebrate the 18th birthday by making it a point to get registered to vote.

Mission 272+ found a mention as well in the speech as Mr. Modi complimented Rajasthan BJP for its efforts in mobilizing booth workers from every Tehsil. Narendra Modi concluded his speech with a reiteration of the Tornado metaphor to tell the charged up Audience that winning the election requires Booth Management and Voter Turnout no matter how string the wind blows and how wide the wave was.

Going by Ashok Gehlot’s panicky reaction yesterday and the alacrity with which Rahul Gandhi will be showing up in Rajasthan tomorrow, it appears that a “Modified” Rajasthan will play a critical role in Mission272+.