Ashok Gehlot Panicky over Narendra Modi’s Jaipur Rally


Ahead of @narendramodi Jaipur rally Ashok Gehlot is getting panicky it seems fun day ahead

Press Trust of India, 9th September, 2013 

Ahead of the BJP’s Campaign Committee Chairman Narendra Modi Jaipur Rally, the political leader Ashok Gehlot is getting panicky as his so-called desh ki seva with worst Congress’ Wasteful entitlement programs would get exposed. With an unmeasured loopholes in the policies meant to serve the public in Jaipur, Congress has shown that they cannot be trusted on providing progress and least bothered about the public.

The demographics and power-play underlying Muzaffarnagar explained

A.K. Verma, The Indian Express, 10th, September, 2013

The recent spurt in communal conflagrations in Uttar Pradesh, especially in the western part of the state, the so-called Jatland, must send alarm bells ringing. The growing dilution in Hindu-Muslim social interaction is an unfortunate reality today, to which no government seems sensitive. Jatland in western UP was a bit of an exception.  Chaudhary Charan Singh used to be the undisputed leader of Jatland and had the acumen to hold Muslims close. Today, there is none who could replicate him. After Charan Singh’s death in 1987, there were two claimants to his legacy: Mulayam Singh Yadav, who claimed to be his natural political heir, and Ajit Singh, his only son. The splitting of that legacy is the root cause of the Jat-Muslim divide today.

In centre-right hands: The problem with the right-of-centre economic discourse in India

V. Anantha Nageswaran, Live Mint, 9th September, 2013 

“The problem with much of the right-of-centre economic discourse in India is threefold. First, it does not have much of a sense of history. Has any modern society evolved without robust welfare protection? … Second, the right was caught in its own bad faith. On one hand, it wanted to critique entitlements and rights per se, on the other hand, it wanted to embrace direct cash transfers as an alternative. So in the end its arguments against redistribution ended up sounding more like lawyerly bad faith than a principled position… The right has not managed to link its purely economic arguments with an effective moral framework. Third, there was a spectacularly self-defeating political language that smacked of elitism.

#Modi and Badal attack Centre on agriculture polices

India Today, 10th September, 2013

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal on Monday lashed out at the central government for not addressing woes of farmers in the country. “It is sad to note that how much ever the Centre talks about banking but even today very few farmers get loans from banks,” Modi said while inaugurating the Vibrant Gujarat Global Agriculture Summit. “Is it that we do not have talents, universities or scholars? Then what is the reason that productivity is low…We have nothing to map real-time production in our country,” he said.